Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Years flowers

I would like to share some of my flower photos from last year.

pams garden 006

pams garden 007

pams garden 012
weekend flower shots 002wisteria 047
My favorite is my Wisteria...

About our home

Our home is believed to have been built sometime around the 1850's.It lies about 30-40 ft from where a old railroad track used to be. We believe that the home was a home for railroad workers while they worked in this area. Okay it is old and sagging here and there but I love my old house .The floors are not level anymore, it has been chopped up from others who lived here, and there are no fancy woodworks anywhere to report. The one fireplace mantel that remains is as plain as they come.
Being able to decorate it to my own liking has made me appreciate its history.
As they say "if the walls could talk".
After 13 years of legal battles over the ground that once housed the railroad, the homeowners were finally awarded the property adjacent to their lots.We were awarded property rights last year.That was a long fight and at someother time I will post my thoughts and my side of that story.
One huge downfall of my property is that it is down hill. Not much anything flat anywhere.

Virtual Tour of the Shop

this is my little shop full of goodies for your home.
I have been a antique collector and a crafter for about 18 years now. I have enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and thought maybe I should try.
I am anxious to share with you, my ideas and my passion for primitives and antiques.
And my dedication to collecting .
I also love gardening so for the next few months I will be letting you in on my flower growing.

Visits from my friends