Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving day

The day was shared with my sister and brother.The first time we have been together for about 4 years.It was very comforting.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

One of my new years resolutions is to keep up with my blog...promise.

I wanted to share my german twig tree decorating thus far, I used cinnamon sticks, orange slices, apple slices, sprigs of sweet annie and cinnamon star ornaments.

dec 09 020

The cinnamon ornies are so easy to make if you use a dehydrater to finish them.
I use a small jar of applesauce and 5-6 jars of .50 cent cinnamons from the dollar store.Mix together and roll out dough with a rolling pin, use cookie cutters for shapes and a tootpick for a hole, tranfer with a turner to the dehydrator and it usually takes 8-14 hours to dry .Put a string thru or a wire hook (being careful not to break them)and hand and sniff!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I can't believe this is May 2nd already. I have been busy in my flower gardens, and actually putting in a veggie garden this year for the first time.So I have been busy.I am praying it doens't frost as we have until the 12th for a frost line.I think we will be okay.We have had several days of ran with at least 4 to follow
This display of my water cans is one of my favorites althouhg I keep changing it up a bit. I love living in the outdoors of my yard.It is just all the initial work that seems to take over!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well a short outing yesterday with a few friends was exactly what the Dr ordered!
I found a few new treasures to add to my collections .
I am trying to add nicer wooden pieces to my prims and I just loved this old bucket.
I also picked up some homespun carrots (Easter is over but they will work well for garden displays),my first "pig" cutting board, a large enamel strainer, a reproduction homespun apron. And a old unused flour bag.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

And the winner is.....

family 035

Picked Emberlynn up from day care / preschool. Full of excitement because she won the Easter Egg Hunt with a total of 19 eggs! What a lucky girl. She won a choclate bunny as the main prize. (What a lucky gaga to watch my gran daughter shovel in choclate....she really won't do that). She is also now growing a egg pet that was recieved from one of the other children. Expecting a duck.
EBAY 086

Well Good Morning. (or is it?) I am off early this mornig for a Abdominal Cat Scan.This is the first of these I have had done. NO eating after 8 pm last night and drink 2 jugs of Redi-cat berry flavored. The first bottle of it wasn't too awful bad but being that my stomach is empty this morning I am afraid that the 2nd will be a little hard to swallow. And all I wanted to do last night was sleep because this type of thing stresses me out...but the little grand daughter had other plans.She was up past 11:30 and out of bed to "go potty" before 1:30.She finally went to sleep after that. She was real inquisitive about what I was drinking and I told her it was goning make me glow! Which she thought was funny.
I have not been able to take Metformin n preperation for this test and for a few days after.Can't believe my blood sugar changes that drastically without these pills. But it has.
I just hope they find out what they need to from this test so I can get things taken care of and get back on track.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well only 12 daysa until Easter. I thought I should go ahead and get some Easter basket candy and things for Emmie's basket today.You would not believe how picked over everything is here. I am sure if I go out of town there is more, but I think I also spent enough .PLus she is expecting a bicycle, I sure hope the Easter bunny can swing it!
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Spray Paint recommendation

Just my opinion but I love Krylon Spray paint, it drys fast, (10 minutes) and doesn't run. I did a lantern today and a basket.I had to do the basket about 3 different times because of the depth of the reeds in the basket, I will try to post a picture tomorrow of both once I have the projects completed.

Monday morning

Haven't quite figured out why Mondays seem so complicated after the weekend,I do all kinds of work over the weekend, including washing and cooking and cleaning, so why on a Monday morning does it really feel like a battle?
This is my little grand daughter,
workin on 053
Dropped her off at daycare / preschool this morning and it seemed as if over half the kids were in tears..or were screaming about seemed really loud in there to me.Monday mornings must be hard for the little people too after spending the weekend with their own families.
Emmie told me yesterday that she can't wait for school because then she isn't lonely and has other kids to play with.
Some of her favorite questions / comments are:
Did you use to do that when you were a kid?
You don't remember do you?
What is corn (or any other food at the table) made from?
Gaga I have to ask you something.
When you were a kid did you eat that?

Then after tons of toys all she wants to do is watch tv.
I mainly think this occurs because she doesn't want to clean up after she has played.
So it is "I want to watch cartoons" and during cartoons it is "I want that" and my reply is always "Why do you want more toys when all you want to do is watch t.v?

After not listening to me on Thursday when I picked her up from day care, I told her she was not watching cartoons that evening.Well I didn't give in and she was forced to play with toys or be bored.Mostly she used her writing board and drew and spelled and asked me how to spell this and that. She was more with me that evening that she has been for a long time. Complicating the task I had at hand...not sure if the punishment of "no cartoons" affected me or her more.I'd vote for me.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Years flowers

I would like to share some of my flower photos from last year.

pams garden 006

pams garden 007

pams garden 012
weekend flower shots 002wisteria 047
My favorite is my Wisteria...

About our home

Our home is believed to have been built sometime around the 1850's.It lies about 30-40 ft from where a old railroad track used to be. We believe that the home was a home for railroad workers while they worked in this area. Okay it is old and sagging here and there but I love my old house .The floors are not level anymore, it has been chopped up from others who lived here, and there are no fancy woodworks anywhere to report. The one fireplace mantel that remains is as plain as they come.
Being able to decorate it to my own liking has made me appreciate its history.
As they say "if the walls could talk".
After 13 years of legal battles over the ground that once housed the railroad, the homeowners were finally awarded the property adjacent to their lots.We were awarded property rights last year.That was a long fight and at someother time I will post my thoughts and my side of that story.
One huge downfall of my property is that it is down hill. Not much anything flat anywhere.

Virtual Tour of the Shop

this is my little shop full of goodies for your home.
I have been a antique collector and a crafter for about 18 years now. I have enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and thought maybe I should try.
I am anxious to share with you, my ideas and my passion for primitives and antiques.
And my dedication to collecting .
I also love gardening so for the next few months I will be letting you in on my flower growing.

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