Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well a short outing yesterday with a few friends was exactly what the Dr ordered!
I found a few new treasures to add to my collections .
I am trying to add nicer wooden pieces to my prims and I just loved this old bucket.
I also picked up some homespun carrots (Easter is over but they will work well for garden displays),my first "pig" cutting board, a large enamel strainer, a reproduction homespun apron. And a old unused flour bag.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

And the winner is.....

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Picked Emberlynn up from day care / preschool. Full of excitement because she won the Easter Egg Hunt with a total of 19 eggs! What a lucky girl. She won a choclate bunny as the main prize. (What a lucky gaga to watch my gran daughter shovel in choclate....she really won't do that). She is also now growing a egg pet that was recieved from one of the other children. Expecting a duck.
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Well Good Morning. (or is it?) I am off early this mornig for a Abdominal Cat Scan.This is the first of these I have had done. NO eating after 8 pm last night and drink 2 jugs of Redi-cat berry flavored. The first bottle of it wasn't too awful bad but being that my stomach is empty this morning I am afraid that the 2nd will be a little hard to swallow. And all I wanted to do last night was sleep because this type of thing stresses me out...but the little grand daughter had other plans.She was up past 11:30 and out of bed to "go potty" before 1:30.She finally went to sleep after that. She was real inquisitive about what I was drinking and I told her it was goning make me glow! Which she thought was funny.
I have not been able to take Metformin n preperation for this test and for a few days after.Can't believe my blood sugar changes that drastically without these pills. But it has.
I just hope they find out what they need to from this test so I can get things taken care of and get back on track.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well only 12 daysa until Easter. I thought I should go ahead and get some Easter basket candy and things for Emmie's basket today.You would not believe how picked over everything is here. I am sure if I go out of town there is more, but I think I also spent enough .PLus she is expecting a bicycle, I sure hope the Easter bunny can swing it!
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