Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday morning

Haven't quite figured out why Mondays seem so complicated after the weekend,I do all kinds of work over the weekend, including washing and cooking and cleaning, so why on a Monday morning does it really feel like a battle?
This is my little grand daughter,
workin on 053
Dropped her off at daycare / preschool this morning and it seemed as if over half the kids were in tears..or were screaming about seemed really loud in there to me.Monday mornings must be hard for the little people too after spending the weekend with their own families.
Emmie told me yesterday that she can't wait for school because then she isn't lonely and has other kids to play with.
Some of her favorite questions / comments are:
Did you use to do that when you were a kid?
You don't remember do you?
What is corn (or any other food at the table) made from?
Gaga I have to ask you something.
When you were a kid did you eat that?

Then after tons of toys all she wants to do is watch tv.
I mainly think this occurs because she doesn't want to clean up after she has played.
So it is "I want to watch cartoons" and during cartoons it is "I want that" and my reply is always "Why do you want more toys when all you want to do is watch t.v?

After not listening to me on Thursday when I picked her up from day care, I told her she was not watching cartoons that evening.Well I didn't give in and she was forced to play with toys or be bored.Mostly she used her writing board and drew and spelled and asked me how to spell this and that. She was more with me that evening that she has been for a long time. Complicating the task I had at hand...not sure if the punishment of "no cartoons" affected me or her more.I'd vote for me.

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